Well Done

Hubbard & Charles raised $171 through the sales of their books. Tonight Hubbard, Claude and I went shopping for the sungear to give to our Tanzanian friends. We bought 22 sunhats, 66 bottles of sunscreen, 24 tubes of lip balm, 7 bottles of aloe, and 47 pairs of sunglasses. Tomorrow we’ll ship everything either to Tanzania or to the charity we are using located in the US. We are very proud of Hubbard’s hard work and we are very appreciative of everyone who helped.




Here’s an exciting email Hubbard received from Asante Mariamu, the US based organization that helps the people we watched on TV:


Dear Hubbard,  I am so grateful for your enthusiasm and willingness to help!  I leave for Tanzania on Thursday, and I will visit Mariamu – she was the focus of the television show you saw.  I will tell her about your idea!

I will also be visiting a school with 204 kids with disabilities – and 74 of them have albinism.  I am planning a longer volunteer trip for 7 people in June, and we will be helping he school with repairs and delivering school supplies.

I will send you pictures from my trip.  Please let me know if you have any questions.


Susan DuBois


My Book

I finished my book.  It is called Phill The Prepared Man.  I am going to sell these for five dollars each and use the money to buy sungear for the Albinos in Tanzania.  I will have these with me if you would like to buy a copy.  You can also email my Daddy at jack@daveramsey.com .  My brother Charles has also made a picture book that is one dollar.

I, Hubbard GallowaY, am writing a book to sell to earn money for the Albinos in Tanzinia.

I plan to earn at least $15. I am going to use the money to buy sungear for the albino people.